1:30 PM - 2:00 PM BST  |  Wednesday May 25

Why You Need More Punk In Your Experiences

Adrian Swinscoe
Aspirant Punk
Punk CX

Keynote Session

To achieve difference and stand out from the crowd whether that is as an individual or a brand is increasingly difficult with many voices saying that they feel like they are in a maelstrom and are struggling to keep up. Competition, differentiation, disruption, artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, big data, omni-channel, personalisation, behavioural science, privacy, ROI challenges …. these are only some of the issues that many of you are wrestling with.

In a punchy and colourful way, Adrian will explore why taking a more punk approach to these challenges will help you and your teams harness creativity and deliver the outcomes that we all want to see, why it’s no longer sufficient to talk about just CX and what role conversation intelligence can play in all of that.