Emma Bantges

Customer Operation Enhancement Manager & Vulnerable Champion

Emma Bantges has worked within financial services for over 25 years. Customer Service and the drive to keep customers happy is something that Emma has always had a passion for.  Emma is a real advocate of fair customer treatment, especially those who are deemed to be in a vulnerable position.  She has had the pleasure of working with Cabot Financial for the last 13 years holding various roles within the operation. One of the many hats she is fortunate to wear, includes overseeing the Operational Speech Analytics team of which she couldn’t be prouder of.  As a team their aim is to drive continuous improvement and look for new and better ways to improve the service not only for Cabot’s customers but also their staff and the business. 

Keynote Session

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM EST  |  Wednesday May 25

How to Drive Continuous Improvement Through Tailored Coaching